Review of The Drug King – A Movie Review

“The Drug King” is a film I saw while sitting in a theater waiting for the release of The DaVinci Code. Being a fan of the first two films, I knew I was going to love this one. I thought someone who hadn’t seen the two previous films would be the perfect person to review the film. It’s not always easy to find something fresh in a theatre filled with action, dramas comedy flicks, thrillers and many other genres. However, in this case, The Drug King is a great choice. It has a great story, excellent acting, and some truly bizarre creatures.

It is set in Japan in the present day, and the hero, Hidehiko Yamane, is the protagonist. He is a young Japanese man who becomes an incredibly powerful and brutal drug lord. The acting is flawless and the story is fascinating. But it is so frequently missed in its focus on all the stale, repetitive character types, missing plot developments, and boring twists. The film could benefit from a more compelling plot and more original characters and a better performance should it want to stand out from the other action-packed movies of the current summer.

Instead, the film glides through the action just like it’s intended to do: with little to no anticipation. There aren’t any vibrant characters, no eerie locations, no bright costumes there is there’s no Chinese mysticism or martial arts rites. The action scenes are repetitive and the only thing that change from scene to scene is Kim’s hairstyle and wardrobe. There are a lot of boring scenes and activities in the movie. From the drug lord’s machinations to the victims of his crimes, to the mandatory police meetings and inter-office politics, the movie pretty much revolves around the trade in drugs and the only thing that is different from scene to scene is the uniform color scheme that the characters wear.

the drug king ซับไทย Doo-sam is the main character in the movie. Doo-sam is Kim, the brilliant drug lord who is able to become a powerful figure on the Korean peninsula. He is a brilliant tactician and a very intelligent man as well as an expert planner and ambitious planner. He is a master manipulator and plans to use the power of fear in order to accomplish his goals. However, he loves his daughter, Onmyo (Choi Hong-Sul), and wants to protect her. The film explores the subject of power corrupts and why loyalty is more important than wealth in a nation that is ruled by the drug industry.

In the same way, Kim is also a ruthless and ambitious criminal whose past is concealed from Onmyo. Kim is angry over her husband’s disappearance , and suspects that he is involved in the drug trade. Doo-sam is also competing with Bum-shing, an infamous drug lord who is seeking to manage the lucrative drug industry. The police find out that Kim and his group have also arranged an event to discuss the Chinese drug Yoojung, a lord of drugs.

The Chinese discover that Yoo-jung and Doo-sam are collaborating. They try to stop them, but are defeated by officers of the Korean National Police Force. Soon , they realize that Doo-sam’s gang members also kidnapped and snatched the KNPF chief’s daughter to their secret hideout. The KNPF decides to search the compound and rescue the girl. Meanwhile, Doo-san realizes that the drug king has acquired some powerful weapons and decides to use them against the Koreans. The film ends with Doo-san’s goons shooting at the NPF.

The film focuses on the lives of two different characters, which highlights the changing culture in Korea. The first scene depicts the drug king and his crew having a barbecue while the helicopter hovers over. While Doo-sam (and Yoo-jung) take a break from their long, traditional Chinese meals at the Chinese restaurant in the background, they are enjoying their meal together. It is interesting that the choppers in background are actually Korean helicopters, which are used in military operations.

This film is not for those who are drawn to action sequences. The movie is filled with action sequences but it’s primarily about two characters who are in the middle a power struggle. A lot of films follow a similar plot structure. The storyline wasn’t as complicated as I expected because it wasn’t written as a screenplay. Overall, it is a decent movie from Korea however, it’s not as good as other favorites , like the Replacements and Meet the Parents.